About NYLT

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is a week-long training event run by the Blue Grass Council of the BSA Scouts of America. The event lasts from Sunday noon until Friday evening.

For 2023, NYLT course will be held over two full weekends, Friday to Sunday, instead of one contiguous week.

NYLT is designed to give youth leaders the skills needed to be effective leaders of their home troops or crews. Accordingly, participants will alternate between learning leadership skills in a classroom environment and putting those skills to work in the field. The week is structured to resemble a typical month in the life of a BSA Scout Troop/Crew, including daily troop meetings, patrol meetings, and Patrol Leaders' Councils, and culminating in the Outpost Camp experience. The same elements are found in Venturing crews as well, though usually stretched out over a period of several months.

NYLT is open to both BSA Scouts and Venturers who meet the eligibility criteria. Troops and crews are encouraged to send their top youth leaders to NYLT, and many units even pay the registration fees.