Staff Application

Interested in becoming a staffer? This is the page for you! NYLT takes applications for new staff members each year starting in late November to early December. We encourage applicants to begin their application early to maximize their chances of making the cut. New staff are required to:

  1. Be registered and active in a BSA Scout Troop or Venture Crew.
  2. Be at least First Class Rank or above (there is no rank requirement for venturers).
  3. Have successfully completed an NYLT Course (does not have to be in this council).
  4. Have held a position in your unit.
  5. Have a letter of recommendation from your Unit Leader and another person not related to you (teacher, coach, etc.). It is generally polite to give a person writing you a letter of recommendation at least two weeks to finish it, so ask these people early – a Scout is courteous!

Candidates should download and fill out this application, then email the completed application to Interviews are usually conducted from December to early January. Candidates should come to their interview prepared with their knowledge of leadership and Scout skills.

If you have any other questions about the application process, please email our Scoutmaster team at and we’ll answer your inquiries as quickly as possible.